Trying something new

This week our Wednesday update will focus on the fact we have both been trying something new this week. We love creating useful objects by hand and this week Zoe has been learning how to use a double heddle on her loom and David has made something called a Dos-a-Dos book.

The weaving has been fascinating to do if a little taxing on the brain! Effectively it allows you to weave two pieces of cloth one on top of the other. Depending on how you move the heddles you can either join them up both sides to make a tube, join it up only on one side to make a double width piece of cloth or not join them up to keep both bits of cloth separate. Zoe started by weaving with one side joined up to make a double width piece of cloth. She then switched to having no sides joined for about 18 inches and then returned to one side joined again. So what you end up with is a piece of cloth with a hole in the middle; instant cape/poncho with no sewing! You can see the point at which Zoe takes the finished product off the loom in the video and a photograph of the (almost finished) end product. This one is for keeps and Zoe intends to wear it rather than sell it.

David has been making a Dos-a-Dos book or put more simply a back to back book. We saw one of these on Instagram and decided they looked fun to make. Effectively it is two books made normally but then cased in together such that they have a shared cover. David decided to make this into a perfect travel journal by having one side with lined paper for keeping a travel diary and the other side with drawing paper and plain paper for sketching your memories or using it as a scrap book to stick tickets, brochures and any other ephemera that you pick up on your travels.

Making the book blocks was just the same as usual but making the casing, you have to keep you wits about you to make sure you get the book cloth on the right sides of the boards as well as covering the outside of the boards with the paper. The end product is a brilliantly useful book and makes the perfect accompaniment to our holidays when we are finally allowed to go on them! You can buy this in our Etsy shop where we are trying to put all of our new products; .

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