Books, books and more books!

The Wednesday update is delayed a little this week but it is worth waiting for if you are a lover of books.

I can’t resist buying boxes of books at auctions although the current pandemic has helped me with this affliction. I think it is so sad to see whole boxes of unwanted books and so despite them having no value I am always happy to give them a home on our shelves. I have recently decided that they need cataloguing and so I am working my way through shelf by shelf although it is going to take a long time to finish and using a free online database app to keep a record. As the app allows an image to be uploaded I am photographing the more interesting covers and that is one of the things I have to share with you this week.

Most of these books date from the turn of the twentieth century as many of them have hand-written dedications explaining they were given for good attendance at Sunday school and so I am guessing they are from the same household. Some of the children’s books of the time had such lovely illustrations on the front with authors long-forgotten but stories no less exciting. The capacity for creativity of the human mind seems to be quite literally boundless and I hope you enjoy browsing through these montages of the front covers. If you are a bibliophile you may be here some time!

I have also finished a little book that I have made before but is always good fun. You can effectively use anything for book covers but traditionally you use either cardboard or wood. However, with this little book I have used an old a scratched 45 single. This one is Sunshine Girl by Hermans Hermits and was clearly once in a jukebox as it has its middle missing; yet another auction lot box!

The stitching is a twin needs coptic stitch and whilst it is simple once you get going, as you are running four needles at once it means you definitely have to keep your wits about you! This is most definitely a record book.

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