Ever thought about running a course?

As we start to get The Old School up and running as a craft hub we are looking for crafters who are thinking about running their own course to get in touch with us. With over 50 years’ experience between us as teachers it is easy to forget how daunting it can be for people who have never run a course or delivered training. Questions of self doubt will be bound to arise; “I’m not good enough”; “I can’t explain myself very well”; “people won’t be interested” are all questions that I am sure convince people not to run a course.

School House interior
Our training room

However, we can take you through every step in developing a course that works, what materials you may need and support in developing any written materials you might want. Perhaps your particular skill is not crafting an object at all but it is more about developing a positive mind-set or helping others. You bring the expertise and we can help you develop a course.

Perhaps you are a seasoned trainer who has run courses many times before and you are looking for a new venue. The Old School has much to offer as a new training venue for crafting or whatever it is you want to use it for.

Nestled at the base of the Wolds, the village of Minting is near enough to the main road to be accessible but far enough away to mean that we get very little road noise and the loudest sound in the village is often the birds singing or the rooks arguing in the local churchyard. A school was founded in 1851 in Minting when a small school room was added to the back of a cottage in the village. However, that soon became too small and they built a new large school room with two classrooms and the cottage became the headteacher’s house and is now our home. Since the school closed in the 1960s it has been a carpenter’s workshop and a bakery. The school rooms have lots of wonderful natural light and the room we have created as the main training room is large, bright and airy. We have built a small kitchen area in it for teas and coffees etc. which will be available throughout the day. We also have a separate sink for crafters to use where you can wash brushes etc.

We have enough tables and chairs to seat 12 people although 6 is the highest safe number we can accommodate with social distancing.

There is plenty of parking and we work with a local business to provide an ‘afternoon tea’ style lunch should you want your students to have that opportunity. Finally, we have a large garden which can be used for lunch should you wish or even for running your course if you think it would work well outside.

So whether you have run courses for years or this is the year you are going to start passing your skill and knowledge onto other people, get in touch! Teaching others is one of the most rewarding activities you can do.

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