Keeping everybody safe

Speaking to other training providers we have found that we are all experiencing a completely understandable reluctance on the part of people to commit to future events. Everybody will have their own individual reasons for this. Some people will be anxious about catching COVID 19; others will be concerned that if they commit to something it will be cancelled at late notice; there will also be those who will be worried about being around other people again after so long socially distancing.

All of these concerns are entirely understandable but we would encourage people to commit to a course if you are thinking of doing so. I am sure that most providers, and Old School Crafts are included in this, have considered how to make their environment COVID safe for participants. Here at Old School Crafts we have also committed to give people their full money back should we have to cancel due to a change in COVID restrictions. However, the recent delay to full opening has not affected our current program of courses as we had already planned to do these under the previous restrictions in any case.

Of course we have to weigh up these risks and anxieties with the huge benefits to doing a craft course to both your own personal knowledge and, more importantly in the current situation, your mental well-being. Having something to look forward to is incredibly important and when you are doing the crafting your mind will be completely on the craft and it will allow your brain the space and time it needs to relax! Creating something new with your hands is an immensely rewarding experience and we focus here on doing as much as possible without specialist tools but just with the skill of the human hand. I have already written about Sloyd and benefits of educating the hand on this blog and you can find my article here.

So if you are thinking of booking on a course we would encourage you to go ahead and do it safe in the knowledge that doing it will be beneficial to your own mental well-being and if things change you will get a full refund! The table is below to help you find your way to the perfect course for you

Saturday 26 JuneIntroduction to bookbinding£65 Full Day
Monday 28 JuneWet felted flowers£30Half Day
Monday 28 JuneTwin needle-felted birds£40Half Day
Saturday 3 JulyLeather journal making£40Half Day
Sunday 4 JulyBeginners’ crochet£30Half Day
Tuesday 13 JulyFelted large flower pictures£75Full Day
Saturday 17 JulyPrint making£65Full Day
Thursday 29 JulyArt media taster day£50Full Day
Saturday 18 SeptemberIntroduction to Willow Weaving£55Full Day
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