Training again!

Last Saturday saw our first workshop for over a year and it was fantastic to be training again. Spending time with people who are as fascinated and interested in the old crafts as we are was a joy and we would like to thank our student bookbinders for their whole-hearted engagement in the joy of making a notebook by hand. The final notebooks were really good and it was lovely to be able to show people just how books are put together and most importantly what to look for in your old books at home.

Understanding what the cotton threads you find inside a book are doing, what the funny bobbly bit under the flysheet is, why books have headbands, what a signature is and what the letters mean at the bottom of every 8 pages or so gives you just that little bit more insight into the books you have at home.

We worked with a local business in the village to provide a stunning ‘afternoon tea’ type lunch and thanks go to Ticklepenny teacups for their lovely sandwiches and cakes!

The feedback from the participants was amazing and it has reminded us why we started the business in the first place; to share the joy of making, understanding and valuing the everyday things around us as well as relieving the stress of our busy lives.

Next weekend we have two half-day courses. On Saturday we have a course on how to make a leather wrap-around journal and on Sunday we have introduction to crochet. Then on Tuesday 13 July Eve Marshall will be delivering a full day course on creating a felted flower picture. There are still some places left on all of these courses and you can find them in our shop or by clicking on the links above.

We look forward to seeing more people release their inner creativity and experience the joy of creating something new with your own hands.

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