A successful weekend!

We have had two courses this past weekend which have gone really well and reminded us why we created Old School Crafts in the first place. Seeing people learning a new skill as well as gaining an insight into how the everyday objects around us are put together is incredibly rewarding and the comments from the trainees have been supportive and encouraging.

This is the first time that we have run the wrap around leather journal and it went really well with all three people on the course successfully making a leather wrap around book. Sewing directly onto the leather goes back to the very earliest books discovered in Egypt and written onto papyrus. You can read more about these ancient books on our blog here.

We also ran our first introduction to crochet course which saw the participants making flower badges as well as learning several stitches commonly used in crochet. Everybody had a real sense of achievement having made an object which was both useful and beautiful; coupled with this they had made it themselves by hand and learned about a new skill in the process. Not bad for a morning’s course!

We plan to put these courses on again next month so keep an eye out and we are also developing a second bookbinding course making a half cloth bound book which uses slightly different techniques for the covers.

We are also developing some ideas around group booking. For the courses we run ourselves here at Old School Crafts we are pretty flexible on dates and so a group could basically choose a date for their course. This would include An Introduction to Bookbinding, the Leather Wrap around book and the Introduction to Crochet course. We will be putting details on our website soon but if this is something you are interested in then please do get in touch.

Those that follow our Instagram account will have seen that we are also featured in Lincolnshire Today this month with a two page spread on our business which is really exciting for us and the continued development of our business.

Our next milestone is hosting an external trainer in the form of Eve who is doing a felted flower picture course next Tuesday. There are still places available in anybody would like to book.

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