Growing into a new normal

Whether you think that the phrase ‘a new normal’ aptly describes life after COVID or you think that it is a bit annoying, what must be true is that as we come out of the other side of the global pandemic (fingers crossed), we will not behave the same as before for at least a few months, if not years.

People are naturally giving each other more space than they used to, even though from today the rules have been relaxed. Seeing crowds on the TV seems strange and it is almost automatic now to put on a mask. We can’t be the only ones who have found ourselves wearing a mask in the street or indeed popping a mask on to enter your own home!

However, human beings are naturally social, intellectually curious and creative animals and so doing a course which allows you to fulfil all of those traits in a safe way is a perfect half-way house as we move into the next phase; whatever that may be!

On Saturday we hosted a fantastic print making course which led to the creation of some wonderful works of art using lino printing and collage techniques. The final outcomes are of a really high quality and the two people on the course even surprised themselves at what they had created. We hope to put this course on again before Christmas and you could create the perfect, unique and bespoke Christmas present for somebody.

A new felting course has just been added to make large poseable felted animals (what a perfect gift for somebody) or you can come and try a range of art techniques at the end of August with a local artist.

We are always looking for new courses to run so if you think you could run a course then just get in touch. Alternatively if there is a course you would love to do then get in touch too; we can try to use our contacts to create a course just for you. Our email is

Equally if you would like to do one of our existing courses but can’t make the date, then get in touch and if you can get 2 or 3 friends to come along we will put an extra course on just for you.

We know just how important the creative process can be for helping people come out of the pandemic, and we are keen to be as flexible as possible to help people access what our courses can offer.

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