A new offer for our courses

We have been looking at our courses and working on making them more accessible for people. One of the things people often say is something like ‘I would like to do that course but I am not free on that date’ or ‘I would love to do something but I am not sure what’. So we have decided to create an offer whereby you can book you and a few friends or family in and we will try to build the course around you.

We recognise that with everybody having such busy lives it is important to be able to work with people and do what we can to fit into their own schedule. The further easing of things back to how it was before means that lots of other activities have started up again and people are as busy as they were before. However, what we have certainly learnt to appreciate at The Old School, and we are sure other people are the same, is that our time is precious. We think more about how we fill it making sure that, where we can make choices about what we spend our time doing, we are making choices for us.

So if you fancy doing some yarn crafts or bookbinding and you and a friend or a group of friends want to do it together then contact us. We have created a separate page on the website which you can find here. We will find a mutually convenient time and do our best to fit the course around you. You will of course still get a lovely afternoon tea style lunch if you decide to create a full day course and there are discounts for bringing more people. If you want to try something different then we do what we can to work with other artists and crafters to create a bespoke course for you.

Perhaps you and a group of friends want to learn a new skill together or you want a birthday party with a difference; or maybe you are celebrating something together or indeed planning a hen party. Whatever your reason, why not try contacting us and seeing what we can create together.

2 thoughts on “A new offer for our courses

  1. lousutton9b5ba39849 10th December 2021 — 7:00 pm

    This is a fabulous idea for people to come and meet in a safe space. Having been to 3 of your courses so far I can highly recommend yourselves to others. Friendly helpful and very professional…… also great refreshments! Thank you David and Zoe.

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