Upgrading the website

We all know that people are often reluctant to make the effort to get over barriers. No matter how low or easy to get over a barrier is, it can be sufficient to stop people crossing over it. This is often a good thing. In parks a low barrier is often used to keep people off flower beds or grassed areas and a simple rope helps museums and art galleries protect precious objects from people getting too close.

However, when you are designing a website, barriers are not what you want and we realised that our website was putting too many barriers between visitors and accessing details about the courses. You needed to scroll down to the bottom of the welcome page and then click on each link to take you to details about the course. That is two barriers too many! Added to that we are extremely grateful for the patience shown by one trainee on a recent course who identified some issues we had built into one of the courses and booking it.

To try to counteract this we have revamped the home page which now has a handy button to take you to each course straight from the home page and it will be interesting to see if more people access the course details now we have changed the way the website works. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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