About Us

When we moved into the Old School House in 2012, we could see the potential that the building had to offer. With over 40 years of our own combined experience in education, it seemed right to try to breathe new life into the educational history of the building, which had closed as a village school in the mid 1960s.

We have always been interested in crafts and creative activities, including music and arts. We’ve always looked for new opportunities to learn and develop craft skills, and these have often been quite unplanned – the spontaneous purchase of a spinning wheel at a local auction for example, or the pile of bookbinding equipment we found in a local antiques store. The enjoyment gained from gaining mastery of a new skill or technique, particularly of a craft from times gone by, is a genuine pleasure, and one that we would hope to share with those who attend workshops at Old School Crafts.

Minting is a delightfully quiet village, surrounded by the gently rolling Lincolnshire countryside on the edge of the Wolds. It makes the perfect spot for a quiet getaway from a hectic lifestyle, if only for a few hours, where you can immerse yourself entirely in the learning of a new creative skill or technique.

We look forward to seeing you here sometime soon.

Zoe and David.

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