If you have a cherished old book at home then why not get it restored and/or conserved to keep it both as a functioning book and to make sure it is saved for future generations. You can read about the various subtle differences between conservation or restoration on our previous blog which you can find here.

Some old books can hold tremendous value depending on whether they are first editions or very old or particularly rare. However, most books probably don’t have a great deal of monetary value in them. What they do hold though is memories and these are priceless. It might be a book that you read with your parents or one that has passed down your family. I have restored a variety of books for people including an old address book which had been kept since an elderly couple were married and contained precious details of friends and family, a music book which somebody played along with their mother and more recently a small copy of Pilgrim’s Progress presented to somebody as a gift. I have even restored an old 1920s fishing catalogue for a client who knew the people on the front cover. You can read in detail the process for one book on our blog here. Details of an old Victorian travel book restoration can be found here.

Whatever your reason for wanting to restore a book why not get in touch with us to see what we can do. Prices are very dependent on the age of the book, the degree of damage and what you want doing with it so each book is individual. However, most cloth covered books will fall in the range £60-£100. If a book is particularly damaged or old or has a leather binding then these prices will increase due to increased time and the cost of materials.

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